- forging equipments, such as, 630T,1000T,1600T and 2500T heat mould forging press, 1000T electric screw press, 1000T,1600T,2500T,4000T and 630T friction press, 1000T hydraulic press, rolling machine and other revelent equipments for heat treatment and  flaw dectection.

- advanced mould processing equipments, such as, processing center, vacuum heat treatment quenching furnace, nitriding furnace, etc.

- advanced testing equipments, such as, universal testing machine, brinell hardness tester, metallographic microscope, direct reading spectrometer and three-coordinates measuring machine.

- main products are automobile connecting rod, ball joint housing , tie rod, hub, crankshaft, control arm, steering knuckle, transmission shaft, balance shaft, rocker, transmission gears, shift fork, friction slices and other accessories of precision forging and finishing products.

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