Mountain (China) International OEM Group Limited (MOUNTAIN OEM GROUP) is mainly specialized in the OEM productions in our facilities in China and the supply to North America and European Market.
1.To save the partners’ cost by at least 30%
2.OEM Capacity
◆ With over 20 production bases which are fully & partially owned and hundreds of various production equipment
◆ With an engineering team with rich experiences and R & D capacities in different fields
◆ With the skilled inspectors and the advanced inspection equipment
◆ With the international standard communication and business style
3.OEM range and service field
◆ Design and manufacturing of various machinery as per customers’ demands.
◆ Assembly of various machinery
◆ Machined parts for different industrial fields such as machine tool, vehicle industry, medical industry, oil field industry, etc.
◆ Forging parts, castings, fabricated parts for different machinery

Shenyang Mountain Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd. (MOUNTAIN MACHINERY) is subordinate to MOUNTAIN OEM GROUP and has been succeeding in the followings since its setup in May,2004:
◇ Over 8 OEM projects have been in production
◇ Dealing with the following products:
◆ Various machine tools
◆ Fin Machines and Manifold automatic molding machine
◆ Various Mining machinery and mining tools
◆ Medical consumables, and etc.

MOUNTAIN OEM GROUP & MOUNTAIN MACHINERY is willing and ready to  set up strategic cooperation partner relationships oriented to markets with our customers at home and abroad so as to realize using advantages and sharing resources each other.

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